About Us

Contemporary Psychology is a modern space filled with a passionate group of psychologists that work to educate and inspire the public on mental health and wellbeing.

We believe psychological health care should be accessible, supportive and effective. Our clinic offers education, assessment, counselling, short term coaching and long-term therapy for all those with curious minds. All staff are qualified and experienced and uphold strict ethical standards. We provide a modern professional space where everyone in the community is welcome.

Psychological wellbeing is paramount to healthy living. We provide education and counselling to help you reach your goals, and discover more about you. How would personalised therapy help you in your life? What obstacles do you wish to overcome? We recognise that language around mental health still needs improvement, so we are here to help normalise mental health education. As experienced psychologists, we have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of knowledge and making a difference in each person. We incorporate the latest research, reliable assessment and multidisciplinary influences to assist our clients obtain and sustain their mental health needs. Our contemporary focus respects the interplay of multiple factors that play a role in the mental health, and understand the role of neuroscience, biochemistry, neuropsychology, mindfulness and positive psychology.

Our Core Values






We believe seeing a psychologist is as easy as seeing your GP. If you have a pain in your stomach that you couldn’t work out, you wouldn’t hesitate seeing your doctor. But what if your stress levels were lasting longer than usual? What if you recently went through a personal challenge and your outlook on life changed? What if your relationship with a loved one is straining your energy levels? We know your mental health is as important as your physical health.

We are passionate about neuropsychotherapy that is an integrative therapy that takes into account the interplay between the mind, body, social interaction and environment, with a focus on neuroscientific research.

Our psychologists find the world of mental health fascinating. We love to learn about people and how to help others. We believe psychological healthcare is central to living a fulfilling and nourishing life. What difference would it make in if you understood more about your motivations, thinking patterns, behaviours and relationship choices? We break the mould by striving to better the community through mental health education. Our psychologists want to see you thrive in life by understanding what makes you tick and how to keep yourself well.

At Contemporary Psychology we offer more than just psychological counselling treatment, we offer education in and out of session times; access to digital mental health strategies and regular email contact so everyone is included.