We know you have a ton of questions about Psychology and all things related.

Contemporary Psychology have done our best to answer some of these, but of course if you have more, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

A psychologist is trained with undergraduate and postgraduate studies of psychological science and assessment. Psychologists treat those that range from those who suffer serious mental illness to those needing support in understanding their relationships, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with additional specialised training in mental health. They are able to prescribe medication and work well with GP’s and psychologists.

Have you ever been to a GP and thought you might be suited to another doctor? It is the same with a psychologist. It is important that in the first session you ask questions and learn about the therapist’s style in order to feel comfortable. You or someone you know may have had a disappointing experience with a psychologist in the past – do not let this be a barrier to reaching your goals, it just wasn’t the right fit. We care about placing you with the right person, with the right intervention and at the right time.

Absolutely not. Psychological therapy is available to every person on planet earth. We are all human and share similar hopes, fears and struggles. No one is immune to the complexity of life and seeking education about your mental health is something to be proud of. Each year we get better at communicating our mental wellbeing, and our communities are benefitting from the results.

As caring and empathetic your concerns may be for a loved one, it is up to them to make change happen. But your insight and access to our resources can be of great benefit. The Contemporary Psychology clinic has a wide variety of information to offer so you can direct them to this website, this way they can see what we’re on about, and they can send an email or give us a call. You are also encouraged to attend and discuss your own fears regarding a loved one if this has been getting you down.

The good news is that our psychologists are very good at talking. And when it is your turn we are excellent at listening. Your first session is not designed to be a formal process, but rather a comfortable space for you to sit in peace, and be curious. There are no expectations on you, and the only preparation you need is to bring yourself. And if your heart desires, we have a café at the front if you would like to grab a coffee or snack 🙂

We can make it easier for you by offering a phone consultation before your first appointment, this way you can ask the psychologist what type of approaches they take to treatment, and gain a clearer idea of what to expect. We have more than one psychologist so we can easily refer you on to the right therapist for you. We are very friendly, so if you need to chat to us first, we are available.

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