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The word ‘trauma’ is derived from the Greek term for ‘wound’. When we experience frightening or distressing events, this may result in a psychological wound or injury. Meaning, difficulty in coping or functioning normally following this event or experience. Everyone’s reaction is different and we know how to guide you through recovery with patience and compassion.

Situations and events that can lead a person to experience psychological trauma include:

  • Acts of violence such as an armed robbery, war or terrorism
  • Natural disasters such as bushfire, earthquake or floods
  • Interpersonal violence such as rape, child abuse, or suicide of a family member or friend
  • Involvement in a serious motor vehicle or workplace accident
  • Other less severe but still stressful situations can also trigger traumatic reactions in some people.

You should seek professional assistance if the symptoms resulting from the trauma are too distressing or last for more than a couple of weeks.

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Warning signs may include:

  • Being unable to handle the intense feelings or physical sensations
  • Feeling numb and empty
  • Continuing to experience strong distressing emotions
  • Continuing to have physical symptoms of being tense, agitated, and on edge
  • Continuing to have disturbed sleep and/ or nightmares
  • Having no-one to support you and with whom you can share your feelings and emotions
  • Having relationship problems with friends, family and colleagues
  • Increasing your use of alcohol or drugs

Sometime we might find ourselves overwhelm by other events that cause us distress. It might be a relationship breakdown, a job loss, a death in the family. These sudden changes can cause us psychological stress that requires support. Reach out if you feel that a recent change has been overwhelming, we are here to help.

No recovery from trauma is possible without attending to issues of safety, care for the self, reparative connections to other human beings, and a renewed faith in the universe.” – Janine Fisher.

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