I am Delicate and Complex. Finally, a Garment that Explains a Person.

I am delicate and complex | Contemporary Psychology

When was the last time you stumbled upon a self-help book? An App that claims to solve your problems? Some advice for someone who thought they had all the answers?

We often mistake ourselves as being easily solvable due to marketing and advertising. If only I weighed less, had that jacket, bought that car, had that apartment etc. But we are in fact more complex and more interesting than a simple solution.

We are people.

Very broadly, psychological science is the study of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We examine the interplay of brain chemistry, neuropsychology, the environment, relationships, upbringing, attachment and much much more on behaviour and mental processes. It is an evolving adventure into people and life in general. So how can there be one solution or answer to a problem? Well that’s where this garment I bought explains my point perfectly.

We are each an exciting combination multiple elements that makes us who we are, and all whilst constantly growing. Evolving into new chapters, different relationships, challenges and journeys. We know this because research into neuroplasticity (the term for when the brain changes) shows us that we are always moving and require a range of influences to keep us healthy.

So when you think about what you need in your life now, remember this may change, you may change and the world will certainly change. Be open and flexible to the new and remember you are never someone who can be put into a box and solutions are never simple. You can’t be labelled, minimised or discounted. You are an amazing, fascinating human that is growing this very minute. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s learn more about you.

By Claudia Hounslow, Director & Psychologist