Claudia Hounslow


Member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience & the Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation.

About Claudia Hounslow

Claudia is the director and principal psychologist who’s lifelong passion of mental health education led to the creation of Contemporary Psychology. Having worked with a broad range of adult clients Claudia shines as a dedicated clinician who meets the needs of those requiring empowering mental health care. She has studied extensively in human behaviour, personality, attachment, mental illness, coaching, neuropsychology, relationships and workplace conflict. In addition to her training in psychology, Claudia has also obtained a master’s degree in management and can provide further insight into organisational leadership, workplace dynamics, personality profiling, your interpersonal style, and provide leadership coaching.

Claudia is committed to the pursuit of knowledge and is energised by the complexity of the human mind. She believes individuals are shaped through experience, and that the latest insights of neuroplasticity encourages her clients to create lasting behavioural change. Whether you are seeking a formal assessment, coaching or psychotherapy, you will benefit from her experienced and compassionate approach.

Claudia is also passionate about being a mentor for younger psychologists. She is a board approved supervisor with AHPRA. She is available to psychologists across Australia to supervisor their practice, assist them obtaining full registration as a psychologist and offers one to one consultations.

– Supervision for Psychologists
– Health Professionals Wellbeing
– Bipolar Disorders
– Neuropsychology
– Women in leadership
– Psychological Assessments and Reports
– Anger Management
– Generalised Anxiety
– Performance Anxiety
– Adult ADHD
– Executive Coaching
– Relationship Conflict