Jillian Searle


About Jillian Searle

Jillian has always had a passion for helping people, which is what led her to pursue a career in psychology. With a competitive gymnastics background, Jillian wanted to incorporate her passion for helping others with the sporting environment, and subsequently completed her Masters degree in Applied Psychology (Sports). Through her degree Jillian enjoyed working with athletes from the Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy (GMVA) as well as the National competitive gymnasts from the Dolphin Gymnastics Club.

Jillian’s experience in the sporting environment exposed her to conditions including anxiety, reduced confidence, time management deficits, challenges with concentration, memory and focus, managing work/life balance and body image issues. Jillian has since been interested in applying this experience to different client populations. In particular, Jillian has recognised a parallel between elite athletes and high functioning professionals. Subsequently, Jillian has demonstrated extensive experience working within an organisational capacity.

As a result of working in the organisational space, Jillian has also been exposed to issues impacting workplace culture and environments, and has experience dealing with workplace bullying and harassment, workload issues, and interpersonal dynamics. Jillian is also experienced in the processes and procedures of Workers Compensation and has a strong belief in the important role that returning to work and maintaining engagement in employment plays in an injured worker’s rehabilitation process.

Jillian aims to assist her clients to develop the self-awareness and insight that is necessary to improve and to gain and maintain control of their ongoing life functioning.

– Chronic health conditions
– Sleep disorders
– Grief counselling
– Relationship breakdowns
– Narcissistic abuse
– Marital conflicts
– Depression-Social anxiety
– Infidelity
– Post-natal depression
– Fertility related challenges
– Workcover