Keera Anand


About Keera

Keera has a keen interest in helping individuals navigate difficult times in their life and achieve greater mental wellbeing. She brings empathy and warmth into her relationship with clients, and values providing an accepting and collaborative therapeutic environment where they can be supported in identifying their strengths, values, and goals for life.

Through her Master of Professional Psychology and work roles, Keera has experience working with adults experiencing a range of mental health difficulties including anxiety, depression, anger, grief, self-esteem, and attachment problems. She has worked in community health settings and in the disability sector under NDIS with clients from diverse cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Through engaging in therapy, Keera aims to help clients understand and recognise patterns in their behaviour so that they may progress towards developing a better relationship with their emotions. She utilises an eclectic therapeutic approach which draws on evidence-based treatment modalities like Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Motivational Interviewing, as well as elements of mindfulness, Schema Therapy and Solution-focused work.

– Women’s health
– Eating/Diet difficulties
– Depression
– Assessment and support for ASD
– Relationship conflict
– Self esteem
– Body image
– Insomnia and sleep hygiene
– Mindfulness coaching
– Attachment patterns
– Assertiveness and communication skills training
– Student and study wellbeing
– Anxiety and panic

Spending time at the beach on sunny days, Pilates and yoga, painting (although it doesn’t always turn out well), travelling within Australia and overseas, discovering new and exciting cuisines, dancing, and watching loads of home reno shows!