Ms Almaas


About Ms Almaas

Contemporary Psychologist Almaas completed a masters of professional psychology at Monash University. She is highly skilled in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. She is also drawn to work in Schema, Reminiscent, and Narrative Therapy. What Almaas enjoys the most from her practice is seeing clients grow and feel more empowered through treatment.

Almaas brings enthusiasm, liveliness, and lived experience to her work. She is able to establish a safe relationship that supports others in motivating themselves through the process of therapy all while being able to change her approach to match a person’s needs. Almaas’s work experience thus far has exposed her to a variety of client concerns that have included anxiety, addiction, compulsive thoughts and behaviours, body image, depression, grief, interpersonal conflicts, dysregulated emotions, attention difficulties, and more. This experience has led Almaas to develop key therapeutic skills that are person-centred, not pathologically driven, and allows others to benefit from the therapeutic relationship in itself.

Almaas also works with culturally and socioeconomically diverse clients. She believes that therapy is a service that should be accessed by everyone in the community, and upholds a consistent compassionate approach to her care. One of her long term goals is to make mental health accessible to everyone.

– Anxiety/Panic disorders
– Mood Disorders (Depression/Bipolar)
– Addiction
– Schizophrenia
– Young adults 18-30yrs
– Trauma
– Victims of Crime
– Women’s Mental Health
– Adjustment Disorders
– Relationship difficulties
– Positive psychology