Pricing & Rebates

Please note we do not provide bulk billing services.

We lower our fees, have facilities to utilise private health insurance and facilitate Medicare rebates.

We are passionate about having our services accessible, easily available and tailored to your specific needs.

If an individual meets criteria for a specific mental health concern, they can access a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP. Examples of these diagnoses include:
Chronic psychotic disorders – Eating disorders – Acute psychotic disorders – Panic disorder – Schizophrenia – Alcohol use disorders – Bipolar disorder – Drug use disorders – Phobic disorder – Mixed anxiety and depression – Generalised anxiety disorder – Dissociative (conversion) disorder – Adjustment disorder – Sleep problems – Depression – ADHD/ADD – Sexual disorders – Conduct disorder – Obsessive compulsive disorder – Bereavement disorder

A mental health care plan can be written by your local GP. It is recommended you ask the clinic before attending that you are requesting the care plan, as this can take slightly longer than a standard appointment.

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