Pricing & Rebates

Please note we do not provide bulk billing services.

Our prices vary depending on service/psychologist, with appointment fees ranging from $150 to $265.

For a full pricing guide that details all of our services and their associated costs (including assessment packages) please provide your email address below.

We are passionate about making our services accessible, easily available and tailored to your specific needs.

That’s why you can book an appointment with us without needing a referral, private health insurance, or even Medicare cover.

However, there are a few ways you can lower the cost of your appointment:

If you meet criteria for a specific mental health concern, your GP can write you a Mental Health Care Plan referral which would entitle you to 10 Medicare rebatable sessions per calendar year. The current Medicare rebate for psychology sessions is $96.65.

Whilst it’s not at all necessary to obtain a referral prior to attending, we encourage you to check with your GP if you’re eligible in advance, as you may need to book an extended appointment to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan.
Simply have your GP send us the referral directly, or bring it to your appointment and we can claim the rebate on the spot for you after each session.

If you have private health insurance, we recommend checking if you have psychology extras covered, as this may entitle you to a rebate through your private health provider. The rebate amount varies depending on your individual cover, so it’s best to check with your health fund for more information.

We can provide you with a tax receipt after your appointment to enable you to claim back directly with your health fund.

We are dedicated to providing accessible services to all our clients, and another way we achieve this is by offering sessions with our provisional psychologists. These professionals have completed a minimum of 5 years of undergraduate and postgraduate training and are in their final year of supervised practice. Despite being highly trained and experienced psychologists, our fees for sessions with provisional psychologists are substantially lower to offset the inability to claim through Medicare or private health insurance, making it a more cost-effective option particularly for those who are unable to claim with Medicare.