Time to revise your career trajectory? Let’s look into getting a career assessment.

What is the meaning of the word career?
‘An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress’

Ok, however it’s 2024, and the idea of working in one profession, one organisation, and following one pathway…. is a little outdated. Each individual has a range of skills, interests, passions, and these can shift with time. What drove us at 25yrs may not strike the same chord at 45yrs. We also, as the definition states, progress. We progress in maturity, skill set, outlook and even values.

When was the last time you re-assessed what you like about your work, the way you work, who you work with and whether it is really the right fit anymore?

A career assessment can help you gain clarity and direction on your next career step. We are living in a world with abundant choices so let’s dive deeper into what makes you tick.

It is worthwhile finding a practitioner who is accredited in administering and interpreting career assessments. Career assessments delivered by organisational psychologists greatly differ from online quizzes. They include validated instruments and in depth interviewing to reach new levels of understanding you. The key purpose is to help you gain clarity into your career progress, where you have developed, and what factors you will need to consider for your next role.

They can assess your current values – what brings meaning to your life and your personality style – your natural behaviours and traits. They can also assess your current strengths – what you are naturally good at, aptitudes and skills – your ability to perform a task without practice; and interests – what type of role appeals to you.

What are some benefits of doing a career assessment?
  • Gain clarity on your skill development and what progression could look like in the future
  • Gain confidence and clarity on what direction you would like your career to take
  • Gain greater self-awareness of your interests and/or personality style related to work
  • Unpack your motivations for work and lifestyle
  • Enhance your leadership and interpersonal skills.