Workbook to assist in treatment of anxiety

I am a big believer in self-paced learning. It is a great way to get more out of treatment when you are in between sessions. If you are looking for information to digest and better educate yourself on a particular topic, workbooks are the answer. This little number ticks all boxes. I discovered it by surprise on Amazon and now it sits on my desk for quick referencing.

Written by John B. Arden, Californian psychologist and prominent author. His previous works include Rewire your brain and Brain-based therapy for Adults & Children. What I love about this workbook is that it is practical and evidence-based. When I say evidence-based, I really mean, based on research, not WebMD.

The content of this workbook include:

  • Description of anxiety in understandable detail
  • Outlines types of anxiety disorders
  • Educates with the use of the brain and relationship to the body
  • Diet recommendations and sleep education
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Worksheets, worksheets, worksheets

Who would benefit:

  • Someone currently receiving treatment for anxiety
  • Someone who has previously been treated but wants to up skill
  • Therapists looking for evidence-based worksheets
  • Medical students wanting to learn more about patient interventions

Who would not benefit:

  • Those who have not been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and are unsure of what their symptoms might be
  • Someone who is new to anxiety treatment. It is a lot of reading, so go slow
  • Research students, this is a practical not theoretical book

What I took away from reading this workbook:

How careful to be when switching coffee for tea, as some tea has as much caffeine as coffee!

The power of sugar on mood and feeling unwell

The importance of exercise in regulating body temperature at night time


This workbook works best in combination with therapy. There is quite a bit of reading to get through so it is best to work through each chapter with your therapist. After therapy, it is great to have on hand for reminders and go-to exercises for soothing any uncomfortable feelings or confusing thoughts.

In summary, this little number is a treat if you are on a mission to learn about anxiety, not from google, but from an expert psychologist. There is plenty of space and drawing room to write down your thoughts, symptoms and meal plans. It allows you to personalise your experience and make it all about you and your recovery.

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Treatment for anxiety is done with the formal assessment from a doctor and/or psychologist. It is important to have a clear understanding of what your symptoms may mean, and it is recommended to seek professional advice. If, after this advice, you are sure you are experiencing anxiety, this book can assist with treatment.

A key component of treatment is personalised support. Reading and education is very important however it is not everything. Connect with a professional to assist you on your journey and receive the best care.

This workbook doesn’t go all the way to describe origins of your anxiety. Therapy can be a helpful tool when wanting to understand the development of your symptoms.