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About Us

Contemporary Psychology is a modern space filled with a passionate group of psychologists. We are a unique, innovative and personable psychology clinic. We offer services to those in the community who want to learn more about themselves. By utilising the latest findings in neuroscience, we deliver education and treatment upheld by research and most importantly, we empathetically communicate and make a real difference in your life.

We offer both short term solution focused discussions, to more in depth assessment and psychotherapy. We use our clinical evaluation skills, along with gauging your preferences, as to what type of therapy will best suit your needs. Our services include Depression & Anxiety Treatment, Relationship Counselling, Mindfulness & Stress Reduction, Trauma Analysis, Addiction Evaluation & LGBTIQA+.

The First Meeting: Understanding the Problem
Your psychologist will listen to your concerns carefully. You will work together to identify what you want to achieve and discuss ways to enhance your mental health and wellbeing. Education and treatment planning will be delivered and tailored specifically to your needs.

The second meeting: Achievable Goals
Our psychologist will always work with you in a compassionate and patient manner. You can become the expert in your mental health with carefully considered information and assessment.

The third meeting: Growth
You can learn more about how to be the best version of you, with insights and evidence-based treatment. You can find ways to develop into the healthy person you know you can be.


Feeling sad is a normal, short-term emotional state that is triggered by upsetting, hurtful or distressing experiences. Everyone will feel sad at some point and no one should be judged by expressing his or her sadness. Depression alternatively is an emotional disturbance that can affect our body, mind and overall outlook in life. Someone may feel a sense of hopelessness about the future, experience sleep disturbance, changes in appetite and have suicidal thoughts. We have many ways to access information on depression and how to treat it – so never delay and reach out. Has someone you know withdrawn from social events? Do they appear tired and disinterested in everything? Do you notice any changes in their appearance? Always remember that different people may express depressive symptoms in different ways – you are always welcome to speak with us, collect information from our clinic or give us a call.

A psychologist is a mental health specialist with undergraduate and postgraduate training in psychological treatment. Psychologists range from those who suffer serious mental illness to those needing support in understanding their relationships, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with additional specialised training in mental health. They are able to prescribe medication and work well with GP’s and psychologists.

Stress is a normal sense of tension and worry that occurs during times in life with extra pressure. Anxiety is much more intense state of fear that effects the physiology of our body and of our thoughts. Anxiety can feel all-encompassing and interfere with everyday life. Not everyone experiences anxiety in the same way therefore it is important you gain a clear understanding of what you are feeling and why. Symptoms of anxiety can include; rapid heart rate, hot flushes, shaking hands, difficulty concentrating, poor short term memory, shortness of breath, difficulty articulating your thoughts or mind going ‘blank’, sweating and dizziness. People have often described anxiety as if:

“I needed to escape the situation”
“I thought everyone was staring at me”
“I wanted to run out of the room”
“I thought I was having a heart attack”
“I felt as those something was seriously wrong with me”
“I couldn’t describe what was happening to me”
“I felt sick and wanted to go home”

Have you ever been to a GP and thought you might be suited to another doctor? It is the same with a psychologist. It is important that in the first session you ask questions and learn about the therapist’s style in order feel comfortable. We make it easier by speaking with you before your first appointment, this way you can ask the psychologist what type of approaches they take to treatment and have a clearer idea of what to expect. We have more than one psychologist so we can easily refer you on to the right therapist for you. You or someone you know may have had a disappointing experience with a psychologist or counsellor in the past – do not let this be a barrier to reaching your goals. We care about placing you with the right person, with the right intervention and at the right time.

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