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Looking for a Psychologist in St Kilda? Contemporary Psychology is not your average Healthcare Clinic. We offer a range of psychology services to those in the community who want to learn more about themselves.

Mindfulness & Stress Reduction

Embark on a journey to better mental health and wellness.
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Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Learn about the contemporary findings into treatment and healing.
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Connection & Relationships

Discover how to nourish your existing relationships and navigate toward further healthy connections.
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About Us

Contemporary Psychology is a modern space filled with a passionate group of psychologists. We are a unique, innovative and personable psychology clinic. We offer services to those in the community who want to learn more about themselves. By utilising the latest findings in neuroscience, we deliver education and treatment upheld by research and most importantly, we empathetically communicate and make a real difference in your life.


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Your brain has a pattern of connectivity as unique as your fingerprints.
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